What the poopoo?!

Uh oh, RayRay gets so excited that she nibbles at those other projects when Daddy DOS isn’t looking! ...and what goes in, must come out – introducing CryptoPooPoos!

20k Total CryptoPooPoos
10k FREE for each RayRay
10k Public at 0.0123E

WOOF! DOS here!

RayRay is my baby girl - the sweetest vizsla ever.

As RayRay started sniffing around web3, she wanted her own PFP… but there weren’t any for dogs.

So she created a pixelated version of herself called the CryptoRayRays.

To bring all her friends along, she made 10,000 RayRays to share at a cheap price of 0.0189E.

RayRay feels so touched by everybody who believes in her project and she promises to always stand firm in her good girl values and give her community everything in her pawer!

Your Companion in Web3

RayRay understands that you’ll go on your own web3 adventures – she loves that for you!
And she wants to be by your side through it all. Especially because web3 can be scary.

That’s why RayRay made this pfp generator that automatically pulls in your RayRay to keep your PFP company.

CryptoRayRays are Non-Fungible Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. They are an ode to the original CryptoPunks. CryptoRayRays is a PFP companion project created by DOS.

We like to bet on artists who are talented, passionate, and deserve the spotlight. We believe they are the ones who will shine through the noise - with the right support.

Wooooof woof woooof woof woof woof woooooooof woooof!

Only 10,000 CryptoRayRays will ever exist in this litter. Once they have been minted, the only way to get one is on the secondary market.

DOS created the pixel art via Photoshop, then used the magic of JavaScript to layer the images and generate 10,000 unique CryptoRayRays. Rarity weights were added to control the rarity of the attributes.

Each CryptoRayRay costs 0.0189E and there is a max of 9 per transaction.

Ray is a 2 year old Vizsla from NYC now living in sunny LA. When she's not wiggling her butt, barking at dad for food, or farting, she's coding and designing away.